Objective and independent inspections for your wind turbines

    You already have an existing wind farm with wind turbines? Or are you in the process of building, expanding or renewing your wind farm?  

    It is always important to know that you have a strong and competent partner for your service work on your side! We accompany your wind turbines with our specialized staff and engineers in every phase of production, commissioning or during operation. Our inspections are always objective and independent. 

    Our inspection services provide you with information on the technical condition of the wind turbines at any time. We are also happy to inspect the quality of the turbines for you after production, transport and construction. In this way, you can quickly rectify possible damage and thereby reduce risks. 


    Inspection catalog

    Our inspection services cover all components of wind turbines including rotor, nacelle, tower and gearbox. Periodic inspections, bolt inspections and NDT are also part of our portfolio. 

    RENOLIT_Bolting inspections

    Bolting inspection

    RENOLIT_Rotor blade inspection

    Rotor blade inspection

    RENOLIT_Tower inspection

    Tower inspection

    RENOLIT_Nacelle inspection

    Nacelle inspection

    RENOLIT_Gearbox inspection

    Gearbox inspection

    RENOLIT_Inspection of lifts and ladders

    Lifts and ladders inspection

    RENOLIT_Periodic inspection

    Periodic inspection


    NDT & FROSIO inspection

    We are there for you - All throughout Europe

    Thanks to our European-wide network of existing customers and partners, we can carry out inspections for you throughout Europe, thus assuring you of consistent and tested quality that meets the highest standards. 

    Do you have an inspection need not listed for which you need urgent support? We are sure to find a solution for this as well.

    Your reliable partner for innovations in the wind energy industry

    Together with our partner RENOLIT, we support you with excellent-quality innovations that can reduce your costs and provide you with sustainable solutions.

    If you would like to learn more about the innovations for corrosion protection on steel towers, feel free contact us today with your questions! 

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