Why is maintenance work for wind turbines essential?

    When it comes to the maintenance and repair of your wind turbines, it is important to have a professional and trustworthy partner at your side. Together with our experts, we work out a maintenance and servicing concept that is individually adapted to the locations of your wind turbines.  

    After all, the conditions to which wind turbines are exposed every day are as varied as the wind turbines themselves. We have extensive knowledge of a wide range of turbine types and can thus avoid long downtimes with our expertise and service.


    Our maintenance portfolio

    The maintenance and servicing of your wind turbines is subject to clear guidelines. For example, it is important to timely carry out recurring inspections and planning fixed intervals as a team. Our experts then put your whole turbines, including rotor blades and towers, through their paces.

    Many important measures are part of our broad portfolio, among that are:

    RENOLIT_icon employee with helmet

    Wind turbine inspections - corrosion, mold, cracks, etc.

    RENOLIT_icon oil level check

    Checking oil levels, changing all filters

    RENOLIT_lightning protection

    Cleaning and maintaining brakes, lightning protection measurements

    Cooperative innovation - WP GROUP & RENOLIT

    When you value both professional service and forward-looking innovations, then you are on the right track with RENOLIT and WP GROUP at your side.

    We take you one step further towards innovative and sustainable service concepts for the wind energy industry. 

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