Pilot Project: Practical trial of the Corrosion Protection Film – RENOLIT CP

    The pilot project is performed at a wind park near Cologne/Germany in September 2020. As the service partner for the operator, WP Energy knows the wind farm location and its circumstances well. The project involved applying the new RENOLIT CP corrosion protection film. The work lasted four days and at the end, 33 square meters of the RENOLIT CP corrosion protection film had been applied on two wind turbine towers.

    Using a platform, the work was performed by a three-man team. First of all, all rust was removed along with any loose paint and then the metal was cleaned. The turbines involved were Type GE 1.5 which suffered massive corrosion to welding seams. A zinc primer was then applied to protect against renewed corrosion. This zinc primer acts as a sacrificial anode and stops the further oxidation of the steel. When dry, the self-adhesive RENOLIT CP film was applied with a squeegee.

    Regular inspections allow the film effectiveness to be compared to a competitor’s product and turbines where the film has not been applied. The results look good up to now. Applying the film was simple and unproblematic, it does not distort and remains stable at higher temperatures. According to Ralph Lorenz (Project Management department) at WP Energy, “Corrosion protection films are relatively new but nonetheless offer decisive advantages. As we only have to prepare the surface and apply the zinc primer before we immediately start applying the film, long drying times in the case of conventional coating are eliminated. Other protection systems which are based on corrosion protection paints are time-consuming, because each coat has to dry completely. Furthermore, film application is significantly less dependent on good weather than paint. Although the environmental surroundings should be dry when the films are applied, rain shortly after the application is no problem. This feature allows much more flexible repair planning”.

    In addition, the film is extremely durable: RENOLIT CP offers reliable corrosion protection from 10 years.

    All in all, the new RENOLIT CP corrosion protection film should result in less maintenance and repair demands. This means less down time and therefore higher efficiency and lower costs.