Film for Stretch Ceilings

RENOLIT is producer of decorative vinyl film for the manufacture of stretch ceilings and wall designs. Our stretch ceiling films provide simple and attractive means to create stylish living and working areas in entrance halls, meeting rooms and sales premises, for example.

Superior Quality

The manufacture of a top quality stretch ceiling requires a top quality vinyl film. Stretch ceiling films from RENOLIT provide a superb surface quality. Exact flatness guarantees smoothness and the quality and visual consistency of the film is ideal to cover large areas. A perfect mirror effect is obtained with a high gloss finish.

Wide choice of colour & texture

RENOLIT stretch ceiling films transform ceilings into a playground of light, colour and textures. Customers can choose their personal colour scheme from a broad spectrum of plain colours and attractive metallic shades. A slightly translucent version can provide additional light effects.

If you are a manufacturer of stretch ceilings or wall decoration and require further information such as

  • Flame retardancy
  • Migration class A+
  • Water vapour transmission rate
  • No heavy metals according to RoHS
  • DIN ISO certificate
  • Technical data sheets

 please contact Jan-Willem Meeuwsen


It is important that the premier producer of stretch ceilings films should have good relationships with other important players in the market!

We have established a partnership with Forsstrom, the leading manufacturer of high-frequency welding machines. This collaboration enables us to improve our quality and develop new grades of stretch ceiling film.