RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000/3000/TOUCH/CERAMICS Reinforced pool liner to dress up your swimming pool

You will be able to show in details all the reinforced membrane advantages. You will discover why RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membranes are the most widely-used pool liners in the world.

This document  is a perfect tool to share with your clients

You need to know the correct tools for setting up a pool with success.

Also, it is important to take account how to install the product. What are the steps to follow?


We will show you, in detail, in this document.

This is a document to give to your client once their pools has been finished. 

It is high recommend to follow these steps in order to keep your pool for a long time: 

We explaine, for example, what is the correct and safest way to add chemicals to the pool water.