Carry out the Water Resistance Test

Check the water tightness of the hydraulic systems to make sure there are no leaks.

Block the circuit outputs

Inject water to a pressure of up to 1-2 bars.

Structural Preparation

Verify the pool fittings

If the pool fittings are not specific for liner it should be replaced with one that is fitted with double jointed seals and is compatible with the lining sealing any small or Deep cracks

Disinfecting the base with RENOLIT ALKORPLUS structural sanitizer

Dilute the sanitizer with 9 litres of wáter and apply it with a brush or a roller over the whole Surface.

Fastening of Membrane to the Walls

A stell sheet laminated with a 0.8 mm membrane and anti-aging lacquer. Attach the metal sheet to the upper perimeter of the structure using expansión rivets every 15 cm

Installation of Geotextile on the walls

Geotextile is a protective filter which prevents the growth of microorganisms from under the membrane





Geotextile Installation

Install the geotextil RENOLIT ALKORPLUS under the anchoring section.




Planning and Marking the Cuts

Take exact measurements of the swimming pool




Standard Technique in Welding the Membrane

Overlap the 2 membranes that will be welded to avoid any leaks you must make 2 welds

To avoid any leaks you must make 2 welds



Installing the Membrane on the Walls

Fit the membrane with heat

Make sure to leave 10 to 15cm at the bottom of the Wall to later Weld onto the floor membrane




Side by side welding

Use the welding band as a base always accompanied with geotextile on both sides to avoid any bumps of the band under the membrane.




Then place along the band 2 membranes, one next to the other without it overlapping and Weld them side by side.


Finally, Weld them side by side with 2 welded points (first in the interior, and second on the exterior)






Fitting the Swimming Pool Equipment

Screw in the flanges from the special accessories used for liner and cut any leftlover membrane that has been left in the interior.