The importance of being BREEAM


We have had it for some five years, yet the importance of a BREEAM rating in construction has never been so high, given the new thinking around green building and the key role the building industry plays in global climate change.

BREEAM is the world's leading Environmental Assessment Method for buildings, invented and introduced in the early nineties by the British Building Research Establishment (BRE), hence the abbreviation BRE-EAM. 

This organisation seeks to provide relevant information to the building industry, about what kind of methods would best support environmental protection and sustainable development. It sets standards for sustainable buildings and gives new and renovated buildings a rating determined by how green they are and what can be done to improve the environmental performance.


RENOLIT has always attached a lot of importance to sustainability and environmental aspects. Already in 2009 RENOLIT UK achieved an A+ rating for its RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products and for its mechanically fastened system in steel frame constructions. "This rating is still of a major importance in the UK, as all new projects have a BREEAM rating to achieve," Steve Baddeley, our RENOLIT UK Sales manager confirms. "Architects, designers, developers and constructors who are striving to achieve the best possible environmental assessment have complete confidence in our range of synthetic roofing materials and systems. For our ALKORPLAN products to be assessed as A+ is quite an achievement!"

But also in The Netherlands and in Belgium this green building movement is on the rise. "BREEAM-NL ratings are increasingly gaining in importance in The Netherlands," explains Adriaan Vandewijgert, our sales representative responsible for the south of The Netherlands. "Contractors and developers are more and more including such performance requirements in their specifications. Needless to say that the environmental aspects of building materials are becoming a USP and we should now reap the benefits of our former efforts."


Certificates as ISO 14001, environmental certificates, waste collection and recycling initiatives as ROOFCOLLECT or VinylPlus, the recovery of packaging waste, etc... are essential criteria for obtaining a BREEAM rating.

It's nice to know that thanks to our BREEAM rating we were assigned amongst others the prestigious Ghelamco project in Gent (B), as for decision-maker and developer Ghelamco a BREEAM rating was a sine qua non for all building materials used. 
And we just recently acquired a nice and large project, the DC Newlogic 2 logistics building in Tilburg of 45,000m² of ALKORPLAN thanks to an "Outstanding" BREEAM-NL qualification.

Although it costs more to build green or sustainable buildings, accreditation will be more and more essential part of the green movement. We of course, are happy to say that we're already doing well.