The success of RENOLIT ALKORTEC roofing membranes owes much to the simplicity and speed with which they can be installed over the whole year. RENOLIT ALKORTEC roofing membranes are installed by means of hot-air welding. (Welding fluid cannot be used in the RENOLIT ALKORTEC range.)

The RENOLIT ALKORTEC is installed in a similar way to the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN product range. Depending upon the choice of roof system,  RENOLIT ALKORPLAN brochures are available.(F = mechanically fixed, L= loose laid under ballast, A = bonded). Owing to their unique formulation, all roofing membranes in the RENOLIT ALKORTEC range are suitable for installation either with exposure to UV radiation or under ballast.

Since RENOLIT ALKORTEC roofing membranes are compatible with bitumen and exhibit high chemical resistance, they can be installed directly over existing bitumen, EPDM and the majority of insulating materials without the need for a separation layer.

Installation of EVA-based roofing membrane
Installation of EVA-based roofing membrane

Wide range of roofing accessories

The complete range of roofing accessories in the RENOLIT ALKORTEC material also makes completion of the roof details straightforward. The ease of installation of RENOLIT ALKORTEC roofing membranes in conjunction with standard hard PVC roofing accessories appreciably simplifies the work.

A wide range of roof systems

Over the years, the RENOLIT team has successfully built up a range of industrial, ecological and aesthetically pleasing roof systems. The RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR and RENOLIT ALKORGREEN systems have also been developed for RENOLIT ALKORTEC products.