Solar panels


RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 81600 PVC-P-based profile
RENOLIT ALKORTEC 81590 EVA-based profile

Length:          3 m
Profile base:    80 mm
PVC thickness: 3 mm
Height:           33 mm

RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81601 – aluminium insert 20X25

Length:        3 m
Thickness:    2 mm
Height:        25 mm
Width:        20 mm
Aluminium grade: EN6060 T6-AIMgSi 0,5 F22

RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81602 self-tapping/drilling stainless-steel fastener with sealing washer

Diameter:  6 mm 
Length:  25 mm
Stainless steel:   A2 
Screw head:  8 mm across flats

PVC profile + insert
Self tapping fastener

In order to ensure the serviceability of the system, only components purchased from RENOLIT Belgium may be used in the RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system.

Supporting structure for solar panels

In addition to the standard RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR fastening system, RENOLIT also offers an aluminium supporting structure matched to the RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system upon which solar panels can be mounted.

Clamp for multifunctional profile
Multifunctional profile for ALKORSOLAR system
Supporting structure RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR
Supporting structure RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR