Solar panels

The benefits of the RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system:

  • Low weight of the system.
  • No perforation of the roofing membrane.
  • All roof orientations catered for.
  • Easy, reliable and fast installation.
  • Solar elements can be easily maintained and repaired.
  • Costs can be spread.
  • Contact RENOLIT regarding installation of the RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system on existing PVC or EVA roofs.
  • Amorphous solar cells and crystalline panels can both be fitted, and to both flat and pitched roofs.
  • No problems with expansion of the aluminium supporting structure of your solar panels (no contact with the roofing membrane itself).
  • The same material is used for fixing as for the underlying roofing membrane.
  • The RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR profile enables air to circulate on the underside of the panels. This additional ventilation prevents a reduction in output.