Renolit Alkorsmart

RENOLIT ALKORSMART a long-lasting roofing membrane

Your Roof, forever young with RENOLIT ALKORSMART roofing membranes

cool colours
Available in "Cool Ivory" and "Cool Grey"

Being an established market leader for durable industrial roofing solutions on the European continent, RENOLIT now introduces a PVC-based solution for regions with severe UV radiation.

The brand new RENOLIT ALKORSMART single ply roofing membranes combine a UV-blocking coating with excellent cool roof properties. RENOLIT ALKORSMART is the ultimate long-lasting roofing solution on the market.

The fact that the membrane reflects a huge part of the solar radiation results in less heat build-up of the building and its environment. RENOLIT ALKORSMART membranes consequently bring a long-term economic as well as ecological gain.

RENOLIT ALKORSMART, a unique value proposition for your roof!



  1. Up to 20 years warranty (even for 1.2 mm thickness)

  2. Very high quality roofing membrane.

  3. Light weight, flexible, durable and easy to install.

  4. Innovative UV-blocking coating.

  5. Membrane with high cool roof properties.

  6. Appropriate for industrial and private flat roofs.

For regions with severe UV radiation

RENOLIT ALKORSMART the best roofing solution

Membrane specifically designed for regions with severe UV radiation 

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