Green-roof system structure ALKORGREEN

Sedum/Substrate (6cm) and vegetation

In the case of large projects, we advise sedum cuttings to be sown onto a substrate layer of about 6 cm. For smaller projects, we recommend the use of pre-cultivated layers. The substrate layer ensures feeding substances, water supplies to the vegetation plus oxygen and anchoring of the root structure.

RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81016 water retention layer

This layer provides the plants with extra water in time of drought or prolonged high temperatures. This allows the plants to continue growing and maintain their life expectancy.

RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81015 filter- and drainage layer

This layer is in two parts. The filter layer limits particles from the substrate layer migrating into the drainage layer causing blockages. The drainage layer ensures a steady removal of redundant water which is not held by the water retention layer.


RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81014 slip layer or
RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35121 protection layer

This layer provides additional protection to underlying layers.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN LA waterproofing membrane
(1.5 mm)

This product provides a watertight roof and is totally unaffected by roots. Fully glued with adhesive RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81068)
Faced insulation

Vapour barrier