Oxygen production

Green roofs contribute to an improved air quality, especially in urban environments where the quality of the air is often unsatisfactory. The vegetation on the rooftop produces oxygen on the one hand and absorbs polluted particles from the air on the other hand.

Improved sound-proofing

A RENOLIT ALKORGREEN roof system serves as an excellent sound insulator. Green roofs can be very efficient in reducing indoor noise attenuation from hail and rainfall etc…

Benefiting the urban environment

Green roofs create more natural green areas in the urban environment. The plants on the roof give the owners a more natural view, instead of the increasingly dominating black or grey flat roof surfaces.

Reduction of heating/cooling costs

A green roof provides extra insulation and energy efficiency for the building. Because of its insulating properties, Alkorgreen roofs have a large impact on the interior temperatures, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat a building in winter and to cool the building in summer. As a result, RENOLIT ALKORGREEN SYSTEM ROOFS operate more efficiently than the traditionally roofed buildings, resulting in lower energy costs for the building owner.


New environment for the fauna and flora

A living roof brings nature into the cities and industrial areas. It offers a high biodiversity that may prevent some animals from disappearing from the urban environment. Apart from this, green roofs may offer high-rise flat residents a functional space or entertaining area, replacing the traditional garden.


Reduction of rain water run off

Green roofs absorb large quantities of the rain water and keep it from heading immediately into the drainage systems and into the rivers. In the case of significant rainfall, the runoff is delayed further reducing the pressure on storm drains, etc


Increased life expectancy of the waterproofing membrane

Green roofs protect roof membranes from UV and IR radiation, ozone, extreme temperature fluctuations, punctures and other physical damage. The RENOLIT ALKORGREEN roof system can thus significantly increase the life expectancy of roof membranes, diminishing the need for costly roof replacements and maintenance..