Installation of RENOLIT Alkordesign system
Installation of RENOLIT Alkordesign system

Installing the RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN system on your roof is both straightforward and effective. The pliability of the roofing membrane enables the roofer to execute any geometric form optimally on the roof. The option of using CTB-X, multiplex plywood or OSB also appreciably reduces the installation time.
Creation of an aesthetically pleasing roof by means of our RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN system requires a certain degree of skill. RENOLIT therefore provides specific training in the use of RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN.
Roofers who have completed this training and have installed a number of RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN roofs with thorough workmanship can be included in the RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN team of specialists.

Contact RENOLIT Belgium N.V. for details of a RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN specialist in your area.