Savings and benefits offered by the RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN system

RENOLIT Alkordesign system
RENOLIT Alkordesign system
RENOLIT Alkordesign system

Low requirements upon the roof structure

  • The high vapour permeability of the roof system obviates ventilation problems and reduces the risk of condensation. 
  • The pliability of the roofing membrane enables all possible roof geometries to be sealed simply.
  • Appreciably fewer expansion problems compared to metal roofs, owing to the flexibility of the roof system.
  • Low weight:
    The roof system weighs only 1.8 kg/m² (thickness: 1.5 mm), permitting savings in the supporting structure.
  • Low-maintenance:
    Visual inspection and simple cleaning of the gutters and drains is generally sufficient.
  • Little or no noise nuisance:
    In contrast to metal roofs, the RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN is associated with little or no noise nuisance as a result of precipitation. Nor do expansion joints give rise to noise nuisance in the RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN system. The RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN system can be relied upon to provide better sound insulation than conventional metal roof systems.

Appreciable cost savings compared to conventional metal, zinc or copper roofs. (Comfortably 40% cheaper in the case of complex geometries.)

Savings and benefits in installation

  • Fastening without sliding cleats and load-distribution plates.
  • No closure of the standing seams.
  • Made watertight by means of a hot-air weld. The RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN system is installed without use of a naked flame.
  • Straightforward installation of roof details (penetrations, skylights, etc.).
  • The option of working with CTB-X, multiplex plywood and OSB panels appreciably reduces the installation time. 
  • Low requirements upon the roof structure.

For further details and complete technical information, please contact RENOLIT Belgium N.V..