• RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT > SR ± 90% (bleu line)
  • Standard white PVC-P roofing membrane > SR ± 78,4% (pink line)
  • Grey roofing membrane > SR ± 38% (grey line) 
  • Black roofing membrane > SR ± 5% (black line)
  • Solar spectrum (Yellow line)

Conclusions from the graph:

  • Roofing membranes with a white upper layer have a high solar reflectance (SR) value.
  • With a reflectance of 91% (97% CIGS), RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT has the highest solar reflectance of any roofing membrane on the market, absorbing virtually no heat. As a result, the RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT roof systems also radiate virtually no heat, and are therefore the ideal cool-roof solution.

CRRC rated product

CRRC - Cool Roof Rating Council

RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT roofing membrane has been included by the CRRC in its list of solar reflecting materials. The CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council) is an independent US organization which maintains an objective list of all materials which reflect sunlight.
At 91%, RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT's reflectance is the highest of a roofing membrane anywhere in the world. For more information, visit .