The combination of the quality of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing membranes, the ideal solar reflectance, and the clear coat make RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT roof systems particularly special.

  • Form an ecological perspective:

    • Improved air quality.
    • Lower CO2 emissions (airco,...)
    • Avoidance of "heat islands
    • Included in the ROOFCOLLECT recycling scheme.
  • Cost savings

    • Savings in installation:
      • A single 30m² roll replaces 2 x 3 rolls of two-layer bituminous, i.e. conventional membrane.
    • Structural savings:
      • The membrane is less than one-fifth the weight of conventional, multi-layer solutions.
    • Savings in maintenance:
      • The protective layer makes it harder for dirt to adhere to the roofing membrane, and makes the membrane easier to maintain.
    • Reduced air-conditioning costs.
    • Greater output from solar panels.
  • Fireproofing

    • Installation without naked flame.
    • Fire resistance Broof  t1 to the ENV 1187 (EN 13501-5)

  • Aesthetic appearance 

    • An exceptionally homogeneous white roof area on which the weld seams are barely discernible.
    • Roofing membranes have a clear coat, which reduces soiling.

  • Physical properties

    • Vapour permeability, flexibility, static and dynamic perforation risistance.
  • Durability

    • The white pigmentation and protective coating reinforce the roofing membrane's durable character.