Installation of RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR profiles

The PVC-P (RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 81600) or EVA (RENOLIT ALKORTEC 81590) profiles are first fitted with an aluminium insert (RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81601). The RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR profiles are installed adjacent to the overlap of the roofing membranes.

Installation of RENOLIT Alkorsolar profiles



Hot-air welding of the RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR profiles

The next step in the installation of a RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system involves hot-air welding of the PVC-P or EVA profiles to the roofing membrane. In order to prevent the stagnation of water on the roof, the PVC-P (RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 81600) or EVA (RENOLIT ALKORTEC 81590) profiles are ideally installed in consideration of the roof pitch.

Welding of ALKORSOLAR profiles
Welding of ALKORSOLAR profiles

Where RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR profiles are installed on an existing roof, the roof must always be cleaned in the profile area prior to the welding work.

Fastening of photovoltaic installations

RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81602 self-tapping stainless screws can be used in this way in the RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR system to fasten either galvanized panels bearing amorphous solar cells or an aluminium sub-structure bearing crystalline panels. The fixing method does not require penetration of the roofing membrane; no further sealing work is therefore required.



The installation guidelines provided here are intended only as examples. A RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR roof must be installed in strict compliance with the specifications of RENOLIT Belgium. Please contact the RENOLIT technical team for support with your project.