Kerb construction

The RENOLIT ALKORLIGHT is prepared specifically for single ply membrane roofing systems. All external excess corner welds are removed to assist in the application of the membrane.

The self-finish white PVC-U kerb have a multi wall, cellular construction ensuring excellent thermal properties and weld strength, and a weather seal on all opening rooflights maintaining weather-tightness. A special 'key' finish to the PVC-U kerb assists adhesion of the membrane. RENOLIT ALKORLIGHT will be delivered in two parts for easy handling and more efficient installation.

The standard RENOLIT ALKORLIGHT can be fitted with a white PVC-U termination bar. 

Kerb heights can be increased to suit a wide range of insulation depths by using the innovative white PVC-U stackable kerb option.

Whilst RENOLIT ALKORLIGHT come in an extensive range of standard sizes, it can also be manufactured to suit non-standard roof openings.


Consult with our Technical Department for further details.

RENOLIT ALKORLIGHT - Kerb construction
RENOLIT ALKORLIGHT - Kerb construction
RENOLIT ALKORLIGHT - Kerb construction