Renolit Alkordesign system

RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN combines the aesthetic appearance of a metal standing seam (lead,zinc, copper or aluminium) with the benefits of a pliable synthetic roof through the application of a purpose made extruded profile.

RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN is suitable for both RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F and RENOLIT ALKORPLAN A systems and is available in all membrane colour options other than RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT white.

Permanent and flexible they follow the contour of the roof offering an eye-catching appearance and assisting drainage flow when required.

The extruded RENOLIT PVC-P profile is hot air welded onto the surface of the membrane.

RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN profile is available in two different sizes:

  • The "large" profile with dimensions of 3.5cm by 2.5cm supplied in 3m lengths.
  • The "x-large" profile with dimensions of 7cm by 5cm also supplied in 3m lengths.