Installation of RENOLIT Alkorbright

RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT roofing membrane is installed in a similar way to RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F and RENOLIT ALKORPLAN A roofing membranes. Please consult the brochure for RENOLIT ALKORPLAN F or RENOLIT ALKORPLAN A for installation guidelines. The pitch must be not less than 30 mm/m as standard. Where the membrane is installed in combination with photovoltaic panels, a pitch of 60 mm/m is recommended in order for the reflection from the roofing membrane to be exploited to the full.

Since the mass pigmentation of RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT roofing membrane is white, the roof area has no grey welding seams. Following installation, a RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT therefore has a homogeneous white appearance. Roofs installed with roofing membranes the substrate of which is not white will firstly have a reduced solar reflectance, and secondly a less attractive appearance following installation.

Owing to its protective layer, RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT roofing membrane can be cleaned more easily with clean water.

RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT roofing membrane can be installed on the roof by means of either mechanical fastenings (RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT F) or bonding (RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT A). For this purpose, the RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT range is available with versions with woven polyester reinforcement and with polyester nonwoven backing respectively.