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Our Story

TaperedPlus limited was launched in December 2014 by Robert Vass and Aman Chahal following over 15 years experience in the flat roofing Industry. 

With significant investment in R&D, TaperedPlus is aiming to modernise and promote tapered insulation within the UK markets.

TaperedPlus limited is the only premium independent Tapered Insulation provider in the UK, with the ability to meet all flat roofing specifications through innovative solutions and taking the technical benefits of each product group on the market, from XPS, PIR to Mineral Fibre.

TaperedPlus is based in the North East, with a southern office based in Shropshire.

TaperedPlus Services

•         Cradle to Grave designs bespoke for your project.
•         Budget Pricing
•         Commercial and Innovative solutions
•         U-Value calculation service
•         Enhanced technical support
•         Site surveys
•         Full supply chain support