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Hatfield University Hertfordshire
Hatfield University Hertfordshire
Hatfield University Hertfordshire
Hatfield University Hertfordshire
Hatfield University Hertfordshire

Project Name: Reception and Student Service Building University of Hertfordshire
Project Location: Hatfield, Hertfordshire
Roofing Contractor: Cambridge Flat Roofing Limited

Main Covering 

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN  single ply membrane system consisting of:

  • Lead Grey RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35176 1,5 mm thick polyester reinforced membrane for all surface work.
  • Light Grey RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35177 LA 1,5 mm thick glass reinforced fleece-back for all subsurface work.

Other Matherials

  • Ecotherm Insulation
  • Living Roof by Eco green
  • Fasteners supplied by Fixfast

The Project:

This project provides an interesting example of the versatility of single ply membrane in waterproofing a multi-faceted building which connects with existing construction and presents across the roof surface a variety of finishes and machinery.

The completed project exhibits areas of living roof, paving, ballast, exposed single ply membrane and a large area of photovoltaics.

There are a variety of roofs at different levels, with "pop-up" roofs each with a living roof and clad with Schuho curtain wall glazing, extension roofs weathered down onto existing structure plus a main area environmentally designed for the natural growth of plants and the generation of electricity. In addition there are ventilation turrets, stairwell housings, podiums and covers.

A combination of different deck types exist, some adjacent to one another, including poured concrete, tongue and grooved timber plank, plywood and profiled steel.

With this being a new project, occupying the space of a previous courtyard, it is constructed within the confines of current structure and provides a link between two buildings. The waterproofing focuses not only on new areas but also around the perimeter sealing and interfacing with existing details.

Areas requiring skill and thought include the detailing of a flat link roof, over a parapet down the vertical plain terminating onto drip\soffit detail above glazing, which was installed on an existing supporting wall. Work involved designing the detail from scratch and fabricating ALKORMETAL to suit. 

In addition, there are water-shoots consisting of narrow fully insulated box section, waterproofed in single ply membrane, which cut through the internal parapet wall separating the link building and  Hutton Hub main roof. These are in excess of 500mm long, 300mm high and 250mm wide.

There is also intricate detailing around cable vent ducting, and insulated plinths supporting the high level “pop-up” roofs. 

Multiple use roof surfaces require different RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membrane types in some instances in combination with a RENOLIT protection layer. This requires diligence from the installation team to make sure the correct product is located for a specific application.

On Hertfordshire University the operatives numbered between four and six with ages from 60 to two apprentices at 18.

The installation of the project was influenced by the fact that it is a confined site actively in use with a student population. 

Careful coordination was required for deliveries into a busy area and installation around a multiple of trades.