Authentic Emotions

A middle age man celebrates the new year by riding the aptly named Hangover Trail through the red rock country surrounding Sedona, AZ at sunset.

Digitalisation is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives: working on a computer, shopping conveniently at the touch of a button, maintaining friendships on relevant platforms. It simplifies many things, but it also leads to a dematerialisation of real life. Consequently, there is a longing for authentic feelings and experiences. Many people feel that real life should be completely different.

Colour Road 2017/18 defines three different trends that address this longing in completely different ways and can lead to an authentic experience and perhaps, even life. The title "Authentic Emotions" encompasses a total of twelve trendy colour definitions for the upcoming season, which are also reflected in the highlight collection of RENOLIT DESIGN.

REAL MOTION: The fascination of nature
A glance into the infinite vastness of the sky. A relaxing walk in nature. This mere thought can bring a smile to many a face. Nature has the ability of making people happy. And above all, it can give us what the digital world deprives us of. This is why robust natural materials such as cotton or tweed are in great demand.

The blue and green shades in this colour spectrum are as diverse as nature itself. For instance, Conifer Green Supermatt reflects the dark green of pine forests and gives an elegant touch to kitchen units and feature furniture. When matched with warm oak pieces, this in trend colour adds comfort and value. The rich green Fern tone has a harmonious and natural effect, similar to that of Conifer Green Supermatt.

Metallic pigments and high gloss surface of the radiant light blue HG Arctic Blue Metallic are reminiscent of cool glaciers. When combined with the bright Oak ENDgrain Elegance SC introduces a modern blue tone into kitchens, bathrooms and offices.
The intense dark tone of Wave Blue embodies the exact opposite and looks both elegant and perhaps a bit mystical too. A conscious contrast between warm and cold can be achieved by combining this colour with warm oak accessories or neutral tones.

SLOW MOTION: The fascination of slowness
In our fast-paced age, we are once more developing an eye for the small things by the wayside. Things, which normally go unnoticed because we are always fixated on our next goal and next achievement. More and more people are trying to slow down their pace and enjoy the benefits of slowness. They are amply rewarded – with a great diversity of intense sensory experiences.
Mere seeing is increasingly accompanied by touching and feeling, which is why SLOW MOTION emphasises tactile experiences.

The light tone of Pearl Grey Suedette Matt is an explicitly neutral
embodiment of these trend colours which fits well on a large scale and in all areas of application. A similar universal shade of grey is Cement Supermatt, which can be combined with the distinctive Oak ENDgrain Classic SC to create a harmony of cool and warm tones. It is also great for mellowing down the energetic Cosmic Orange Supermatt.

Linen Supermatt is composed of equal amounts of red and yellow and therefore brings warmth into kitchens, living rooms and even offices or shops. This soft shade of brown can perfectly tolerate strong partners such as Oak ENDgrain Raw SC. Subtle elegance is the strength of the mysteriously shimmering HG Anthracite Metallic, which fits in harmoniously with light oak finishes and plain light colours.

SPEED MOTION: The fascination of risk
Why do humans conquer the highest peaks? Why do people climb  without ropes and drive the most dangerous routes? One would say that our usually safe lives need to be peppered with risk every now and then. At first thought, it is about getting a quick kick but more profoundly, it is rather about making real experiences. Experiences that take us mentally back to our innermost nature. And to an era when our lives were still a fight for survival.

Far beyond our comfort zone, we face our strength and to a certain extent, even the fragility of our life. However, most importantly, we experience ourselves. So it is just natural that such intense emotions influence the purchasing behaviour. This is why extremely durable materials such as leather, stone and stretch fabrics are in fashion, and so are sequins and pearls for adding brave highlights. In this sphere, the interplay of these colours hints at danger and is reminiscent of fire. For instance, there is the new shade Peak Yellow Supermatt – a bright yet bold yellow, primarily conceived to turn the kitchen, living and office
furniture into statement pieces. It fits particularly well with calm and balancing shades, such as the concrete-like Chicago Concrete 1 SC. The new Cosmic Orange Supermatt combined with Chicago Concrete 2 SC takes up the energy of this topic.

Dried Date Supermatt is reminiscent of dried fruit; it has an almost equal balance of black and colour. This dark shade of red is suitable for large-scale applications in the furniture sector. Finally, this season's "must-have" is Bronze Metallic. This dark bronze shade continues the vogue for gold and copper shades and can be used on entire kitchen and furniture surfaces. An expressive oak or a soft neutral shade can be integrated to emphasize its valuable elegance.

About the company
The RENOLIT Group is an international leader in the manufacture of high-quality plastic films and related products for technical applications. This independent family-owned business, which has been setting benchmarks for quality and innovation for 70 years, now employs a workforce of approximately 4,500 employees at more than 30 production sites and sales entities. In the fiscal year 2016, the Group generated a turnover of EUR 965,6 million.

Image captions:

Real Motion motif
People consciously seek contact with nature. They appreciate and protect it, because it connects them to our planet and gives them peace.

Collage Real Motion motif
In this world of colour, robust natural materials such as cotton or tweed are in great demand.

Slow Motion motif
More and more people are allowing themselves to enjoy intense sensory experiences by discovering the small things by the wayside.

Collage Slow Motion Motif
In fashion, sensitive natural fibres such as silk or transparent fabrics appeal to the touch and feel.

Speed Motion motif
The archaic fight for survival is enticing in the age of perfection and safety.

Collage Speed Motion motif
Leather, stone and stretch fabrics are as long lasting as extreme emotions – sequins and pearls introduce brave highlights.

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