Waterproofing materials

This paper gives an overview of waterproofing materials and their properties.

Thermal welding

Welding techniques for the installation of PVC-P geomembranes

Thermal welding analysis

Analysis of thermal welding


Performances PVC/PE/PP

Hot air welding of PVC-P geomembrane RENOLIT ALKORPLAN
Installation of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN in tunnel

Thermoplastic geomembranes are made from elastomeric raw materials. The range of geomembranes offered by RENOLIT ALKORGEO includes many different material combinations that influence the material characteristics.

It is very important to know about their performance to be able to make the right choice of material for each application.

The mechanical and chemical behaviours are amongst the most important aspects regarding the choice of waterproofing material.

Besides, the weldability of the different materials is of highest importance, as a geomembrane of highest quality is useless if it cannot be welded in a prefect way. Therefore the thermal dilation of the different materials under changing temperatures is a crucial point.

RENOLIT helps you find the right product for your each civil engineering project.

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