Waterproofing of Tunnels against infiltrating Water

Tunnel of Ferden, Lötschberg (Gotthard), Switzerland
Tunnel at Figueres, Spain
Somport tunnel between France and Spain
Tunnel works for the research project LEP (Large Electron Positron Accelerator) of CERN

The use PVC-P geomembranes as a waterproofing for tunnels under infiltrating water is a sophisticated and safe technology to protect the construction against destructive influences of the water.

Excavated tunnels belong to the most expensive and complex constructions of civil engineering. Therefore the interest to keep them working over many decades is a crucial question. Waterproofing of tunnels made it possible to increase the time of use in an important way. Many different materials were tested and used as waterproofing for tunnels and PVC-P geomembranes have proved to be the most reliable and technically suitable material of all. Depending on the local condition the PVC-P geomembrane can be formulated to meet exactly the demands of the project.

The project of Ferden – belonging to the tunnels chain for the new Gotthard Tunnel - shows that RENOLIT is able to adapt the geomembrane to such local conditions as micro-organisms and high mountain pressures.

RENOLIT Group has the right product to make your project watertight against the negative influences of water. The technical service is also available to you in finding the right technical solution for your waterproofing task. This combination should help you to offer a satisfying work to your client.

To have more detailed information about the techniques of waterproofing tunnels against infiltrating, see the document “Waterproofing of Tunnels against infiltrating water”.

Depending on the employment RENOLIT can offer the right membrane

  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35034 opaque geomembrane following RVS 8T- Austria
  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35036 translucent geomembrane with Avis Technique - France
  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35038 black geomembrane resisting to bitumen
  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35041 geomembrane with signal layer following RVS 8T, DS853

The geomembranes of RENOLIT are corresponding to the most important standards as

  • DS 853, ZTV Tunnel Germany
  • Heft 365, RVS 8T Austria
  • SIA 280 Switzerland
  • Avis Technique France
  • The European Certificate is also available

Ask for the agreement you need to our service department.

Since over 30 years RENOLIT ALKORPLAN geomembranes are used as lining material for tunnels under infiltrating water on nearly all continents of the world. Their quality, weld ability, flexibility and reliability are estimated by all users of our geomembranes.

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