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Waterproofing of dams
Dam works in Italy

The use PVC-P geomembranes as a waterproofing for dams is a sophisticated and safe technology to avoid important water losses due to cracks and failures in the basic construction.

Dams are constructed for different purposes, but all of them have the target to store water. In countries with sufficient water the gained water is used to produce electric energy, in dry countries the water serves as drinking water or for irrigation of agricultural areas. Loss of water always means a reduction of productivity and may even endanger the base of existence of the population.

Only earth dams had received a watertight core but a great number of concrete dams are loosing water through cracks. There are different technologies to repair the concrete face of the dam but one of the most reliable and economical is the application of a waterproofing geomembrane. The choice of geomembrane and the way of fixation for the waterproofing system is a very important issue to receive a long living water tightness of the dam.

RENOLIT Group has the right product to make sure that your concrete dam reaches the highest level of water tightness. The technical service is also available to you in finding the right technical solution for your waterproofing task. This combination should help you to offer a satisfying work to your client.

To have a more detailed information about how to execute the waterproofing of  dams see the document about “Waterproofing of Dams”. (Dam sealing)


Dam construction materials : 

Depending on the employment RENOLIT can offer the right membrane

  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35052 - opaque geomembrane for drinking water limited UV resistance
  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35053 - opaque geomembrane not UV-resistant
  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35054 - opaque geomembrane for irrigation and industrial basins UV resistant
  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35554 - opaque geomembrane for canals with PMMA coating
  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 02329 - black geomembrane for ponds

The geomembranes of RENOLIT are corresponding to the most important standards as

  • Attestation Mairie de Paris - France
  • Sanidad - Spain
  • Asqual - France
  • ACS -  France

The European Certificate is also available.
Ask for the agreement you need to our technical service department.

Since over 30 years RENOLIT ALKORPLAN geomembranes are used as lining material for dams on nearly all continents of the world. Their quality, weld ability, flexibility and reliability are estimated by all users of our geomembranes.

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