RENOLIT NAUTILUS, the self-adhesive anti-corrosion film, offers long-term protection for all above-water metal surfaces. Thanks to its outstanding flexibility, both small elements and larger surfaces can be successfully protected. The film does not become brittle or crack and protects metals against all types of corrosion. The surface is not exposed to air or salt. The corrosion protection can last for up to 2 years depending on the specific application and the UV index. With this protection film, structures can be made “offshore ready” in record time.


    • Flat surfaces
    • No volatile organic compounds (VOC) are released
    • Passive anti-corrosion protective coating ISO 9227
    • Flexible anti-corrosion (unaffected by substrate dilatation)
    • Weathering and chemical resistance
    • Up to 2 years durability

    RENOLIT NAUTILUS - The Advantages at a Glance

    Easy Preparation

    • Same surface preparation as paint ­­
    • No masking of surrounding surfaces, no overspray

    Simple Application

    • Fits various shapes
    • Can be applied at temperatures between 10 and 30°C  and in high humidity zones
    • Ready and easy-to-apply (no component mixing, no pot life)
    • No risk of flammability (maintenance jobs can be done in parallel) ­
    • “Instant functionality” delivered (one layer, no curing time)

    Better Surface Protection

    • Double anti-corrosion barrier (adhesive & film)
    • Passive anti-corrosion protection for higher anti-corrosion performance
    • Resitant to abrasion, scratches and aging (colour and gloss retention)
    • Efficient protection through uniform thickness and constant quality
    • Can absorb surface dilatation
    • Up to 2 years functionality

    Saves Time

    • Easy to clean
    • No masking of surrounding surfaces, no overspray
    • Maintenance work (welding) can be done in parallel
    • No drying time
    • Quick and easy repairs with film patches

    Harmless to humans and the environment

    • No volatile organic compounds (VOC) are released
    • Easier Heath Safety Environment (HSE) management
    • Easier and cheaper waste management

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