Young Architects Competition

    XI'AN TRAIN STATION – Young Architects Competition

    For centuries, the city of Xi’An has been the heart of the East and the residence of thirteen emperors’ dynasties.

    Xi’An is tireless and adaptable to the needs of the times. By 2030, this city will experience an expansion of more than 17km2. It aims at maintaining the city as the hub of the relationships between China and the Western world. 

    A new rail terminal will define the meeting point between East and West. It will be located at the end of the Silk Road. This new rail terminal will be at the crossroads of the old and the new, the Yin and the Yang of the opposite poles that generate the future of human society on a daily basis. 

    YAC thanks all the architects who will take part in this challenge.

    The commitment of RENOLIT

    As partner of Manni Group, RENOLIT supports a special mention to the projects that include extremely valuable architectural solutions regarding the design of flat roofs by including the products RENOLIT in the Project.

    All the awarded proposals will be transmitted to architectural magazines and websites and will be hosted in international exhibitions. All the finalist proposals will be published on

    Luca Gottardi will be part of the Jury. As Marketing Manager for the WATERPROOFING ROOFING division and the New business development Manager, he has been working for RENOLIT since 2008 in several Business Units: Roofing, Swimming pools, Advanced Sheets, Exterior. He is focused on the new global trends in the building sector, boosting the development of innovative solutions for the world of tomorrow, especially more efficient products with added values.