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    Trend service Colour Road – the colour and design service from RENOLIT

    Predicting tomorrow’s trends isn’t a guess or a gamble. It is an art and a science in itself – one RENOLIT has mastered and offers to you in the form of its trend service Colour Road.
    To make this happen, we have established strong partnerships with colour designers and trend institutes, meticulously tracking global developments. This enables us to forecast the top future colour trends – and provide an inspiring guideline as to which colours and designs will be in vogue.

    The motto of the Colour Road 24/25 draws its inspiration from the Treasures of our planet and makes us aware of how diverse our world´s treasures are – and how ephemeral. Protecting these resources and treasures is more important than ever.

    Sometimes hidden deep within the earth, there are Precious Minerals.

    The surface of our Earth offers a breathtaking wealth of the Unique Landscapes that enable the diversity of life on our planet.

    Intro movie

    Where do you find treasures on our planet and what roles do these treasures play in your everyday life?
    Experience the answers of some people we asked.

    Trend movie

    Moors are amazing ecosystems. Discover exciting facts about moors in our trendmovie with the moor guide Andrea Wissel. Enjoy the video!

    Precious Minerals

    Elements, ores and gemstones from the depths of the earth have always fascinated humankind. The dazzling world of "Precious Minerals" is characterized by discovery, exploration and development, which has shaped our world in a transformative way - right up to the present day. At the same time, it reminds us to be more sensitive in our use of precious resources and to be aware of their limited nature.





    Unique Landscapes

    The landscapes of our world are not just a source of inspiration. They are natural and living testimonies to the tireless forces that have been shaping our earth's surface for millions of years. "Unique Landscapes" invites you to explore and appreciate these wonders - as a home for diverse life forms and as breathtaking aesthetic experiences that need to be protected.

    Trend colours and decors

    In close cooperation with international trend institutions, we identify global colour tendencies and transform them into colour collections in line with the market.

    Follow the Colour Road and discover the new colour trends for Exterior Solutions!
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