RENOLIT WOOD-STOCK Oceandrive was designed specifically for the production of furniture fronts and rear panels and exclusive wall and ceiling panels for shops and interiors. The WPC material laminated with RENOLIT ALKORCELL film can be deeply embossed, giving the material a completely unique appearance. This composite material with a distinctive haptic finish can be used on all common sheet materials. The material combination produces a high-strength result with panel thicknesses of just 1–2 mm. The product is suitable for flat lamination or post-forming and can be combined with all widely available edge materials as a finished product.


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    unique texture

    very deeply embossed surface

    three-dimensional effect

    RENOLIT WOOD-STOCK Oceandrive  
    Applications: furniture, wall and ceiling panels for shop interiors and interior design
    Availability:  from stock, MTO
    Material: WPC
    Processing type:  2D flat lamination, 2D covering, vacuum pressing
    Properties: unique texture, very deeply embossed surface, three-dimensional effect Surface: MDF, chipboard, multiplex or plasterboard, plywood
    Surface: MDF, chipboard, multiplex or plasterboard, plywood
    Appearance: wave-embossed
    Panel size/roll length: Panel size: 2.8 m x 1.3 m Roll length: choice of 30 linear metres (short roll) or 150 linear metres (standard roll)
    Delivery: minimum 30 linear metres (from stock), special colours min. 10,000 linear metres