Тенты и прессованные полированные листы


    A new generation of flexible window films with outstanding clarity. These vinyl films not only provide clear visibility but are made specifically for outside weather conditions.

    We offer one of the best transparency in the market up to 92% light transmission.

    RENOLIT PRIME CRYSTAL CLEAR and RENOLIT SUPERCLEAR films are ideal for the manufacture of flexible windows for a large variety of applications such as: tents, awnings and canopies for the caravan industry, large marquees, weather protection for terraces, sprayhoods for boats, and even for industrial rolling doors. The most popular thicknesses and flexibility grades are available directly from our stock. In addition, our films can be individually produced according to our customers’ specific requirements, for example, greater flexibility versions for cold environments or with flame retardant properties.

    Camping / Lodges
    Rolling doors

    Quality features of RENOLIT PRIME CRYSTAL CLEAR:
       ■ Excellent transparency
       ■ Dedicated to outdoor conditions, with UV absorbers
       ■ Optimum material flexibility
       ■ 2 Options: - "Anti-blocking" formulation. Easier to unroll but not suitable for printing applications
                            - Without "Anti-blocking". Suitable for printing applications but with noticeably higher tack
       ■ Easy to clean
       ■ REACH compliant 1907/2006 European

    The RENOLIT service:
       ■ Stock range (0.30 mm – 1.0 mm) with short delivery time
       ■ Local customer service in European countries
       ■ Sales organisation overseas
       ■ Additional products, such as embossed film for screens, opaque film for mud flaps and press-laminated sheets


    Consult our maintenance advices by downloading our catalogue in the download area.