Press release 02 12 2019


    The best yield with the minimum use of resources. This is the philosophy of RENOLIT ALKORSMART with its Solar Shield technology, a special coating that protects the outer surface of the membrane from UV rays to increase its endurance. An innovative solution that encompasses the advantages of sustainability and efficiency.

    Sant Celoni, Barcelona, 02 December 2019 - The RENOLIT ALKORSMART membrane, developed by the RENOLIT Research and Development Department, is certainly the most revolutionary. This is a new standard in the roof waterproofing sector and is able to offer the best yield with the minimum use of resources. With thicknesses of just 1.2 or 1.5 mm, RENOLIT ALKORSMART not only provides buildings with watertight sealing and mechanical and chemical resistance, but also energy savings, sustainability, versatility and impeccable aesthetics. This product, a part of the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN family, has Solar Shield Technology, a special coating that protects the outer surface of the membrane from UV rays to offer incomparable endurance. Compared to traditional membranes, RENOLIT ALKORSMART is less sensitive to heat so is more resistant to extreme cycles of heat and cold, thus slowing the ageing process. A distinctive feature that offers a wider opportunity of applications and a guarantee of durability in particularly sunny and warm areas, thus paving the way to new overseas markets.

    The innovative feature of RENOLIT ALKORSMART is its Solar Shield Technology. This revolutionary technology offers a high capacity to reflect solar irradiation, thanks to the use of special “cool pigments” that maintain low surface temperatures. Its SRI - Solar Reflectance Index – 62,8 in grey and 82,5 in ivory - is in fact far higher than the standard colours (e.g. 67,7° C for a standard grey vs 58,7° C for cool grey). A RENOLIT ALKORSMART roof significantly increases the thermal comfort of the premises, while contributing to economy savings for the user in terms of cooling and air-conditioning.

    Other strengths of RENOLIT ALKORSMART include aesthetics and excellent versatility. With its nature-inspired neutral colours this exceptional membrane can be used in any context and blends in perfectly with the surroundings.

    All these features fully meet current requirements on sustainability, both in terms of energy and reduction in CO2 emissions, to help designers reach the highest levels of BREEAM, LEED and GREEN certification.

    A unique product on the market, representing the first real breakthrough in the roofing industry since the invention of the cool roof. This is the way to future innovation: using fewer resources to do more, to perform better and to last longer. 

    A route that RENOLIT is taking in clear opposition to most of its competitors, who are resorting to thicker solutions and, consequently, the use of more raw materials to give their products an increased lifecycle. The global trends in the industrial world speak for themselves. We only have to look at the performance of a microchip compared to that of a large server, or a bicycle in carbon fibre compared to one in steel or techno-fabrics compared to natural ones. There is no need to consume more raw materials to obtain more. RENOLIT ALKORSMART is the proof, nowadays the true value is in “less is more”.

    With RENOLIT ALKORSMART, RENOLIT confirms its constant orientation towards innovation by developing sustainable cutting-edge products that aim to meet the concrete needs of professionals in the construction industry.