Press release 01 07 2020


    Actions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the economic production system can only be consistent with the choices of the European Green Deal. RENOLIT's aim is to meet all roofing needs by continuing to invest in technology that is unique in the sector, to create innovative and sustainable membranes, such as RENOLIT ALKORSMART and RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT.

    Sant Celoni, Barcelona, 01 July 2020 - The focus on innovation, thorough knowledge of the market, a certified production process, the R&D Department's constant search for excellence: these are the characteristics, which, in both past and present, have made RENOLIT ALKORPLAN an authoritative benchmark for planners and operators in the construction industry. RENOLIT's inherent desire for renewal, the will to research new raw materials and create unique and innovative technologies, allowing for greater production with fewer resources, are the cornerstones from which to start again towards a more inclusive, sustainable and fair future.

    “Our research currently focuses on three main aspects. The first is the negative effect of blue light, which is very aggressive and harmful to white products. - explains Hans Tanghe, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN R&D Manager - We have also focused on the equation of Arrhenius, a Swedish chemist awarded with the Nobel Prize in 1903, who showed that by increasing the temperature by 10 degrees, many natural processes duplicate their speed. This also applies to membranes: if we lower the temperature of membranes by 10 degrees, we halve their aging process, thus doubling their durability. Lastly, we tested the temperature of many colours, including in places with reduced sunlight, whites are always colder than dark colours. In the past two years we have worked tirelessly on Solar Shield technology to optimize its production and apply it to existing products, with an investment of € 4 million."

    In the logic of sustainability and energy saving, the top range is RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT, the cool roof system that has the highest SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) value on the market. Meaning that this membrane reflects the sun's rays to the maximum and is effective in reducing the excessive heating of buildings during the summer and, as a consequence, electrical loads caused by air conditioning. An effective solution against the "heat island" effect.

    The latest result of the work of the R&D department, however, is RENOLIT ALKORSMART, of the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN family. It is equipped with Solar Shield technology, a special coating that protects the external surface of the membrane from UV rays. A distinctive feature that translates into application opportunities and maximum energy yield in particularly sunny and warm territories such as the African regions, or Central and South America. Thus opening the way for entry into new overseas markets and the consequent potential to increase business. A unique product on the market that represents the first true cutting-edge in the world of roofing since the invention of the cool roof. This is the way for future innovation: with only 1.2 mm of thickness guaranteeing greater durability, with less use of resources.

    A sustainable approach, also confirmed by the RENOLIT Goes Circular initiative, which aims to improve the efficiency of production processes by avoiding waste and increasing the recovery of waste materials.

    This is how RENOLIT takes care of roofs and the environment and confirms its constant shift towards innovation, by developing cutting-edge products that are close to the tangible needs of professionals in the construction sector.