RENOLIT Film Service - Repair Training

    RENOLIT Film Service - The Repair Specialists.

    Window repairs the easy way. With RENOLIT Film Service repair films.

    The RENOLIT Film Service offers swift solutions for all types of damage to film-coated profiles – from damage caused in transit, through incorrect cleaning or handling or from vandalism or burglary.

    The hotline on 856.467.3800 provides a fast and simple means of contacting the RENOLIT Film Service.


    Become a repair pro with training from the film experts.

    The professional training program offered by the RENOLIT Film Service provides you and your employees with the necessary expertise to repair all types of film damage, in 6 easy steps.

    The program familiarizes you with the required tools, the RENOLIT repair films and the appropriate procedures.

    To keep the integrity of the service high, we require training before selling our repair films.  Contact us for more information on future training opportunities.


    Watch our repair film

    Get the know-how: 6 steps to a successful repair

    Perfect repairs – learn the tricks of the trade!

    Make all kinds of film damage disappear as if they had never happened.

    All it takes is original RENOLIT RENOLIT MR, RENOLIT EXOFOL PR or RENOLIT EXOFOL FR film – and qualified training by our experts.

    Register for your training now: 856.467.3800 or

    The right material for any repair task from RENOLIT – who else?

    The self-adhesive and easy-to-use films, RENOLIT EXOFOL MR, RENOLIT EXOFOL PR and RENOLIT EXOFOL FR are designed for all kinds of repair jobs. They match the original quality of the classic film RENOLIT EXOFOL MX, the advanced exterior film RENOLIT EXOFOL PX and the high-performance film RENOLIT EXOFOL FX.


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