The new generation of plywood for the slab formwork sector.

    Our Product

    RENOLIT PLYGOR is a honeycomb sandwich panel combining composite skins with an hexagonal core structure.

    Skins are extruded sheets produced out of polypropylene (PP) combined with fibers, additives and regrind material.


    Produced using ECONCORE technology. 

    Formwork applications

    On jobsites panels provide a smooth and high-quality concrete finishing even after many re-uses, up to 50. It depends upon site practices, requirements on the concrete finish, maintenance, handling and storage practices.

    The weight of standard dimensions panels is compliant with the weight limits as per UNI ISO 11228 and NF X35-109 and reduce MSDs (Muskoloskeletal disorders) risks.

    Circular Economy


    Our RENOLIT PLYGOR is the eco-sustainable alternative to standard plywood in the formwork sector.

    Scrap material can be granulated and re-introduced into the extrusion process, making our panel 100% fully recyclable.


    Especially lightweight

    Extremely durable

    High compressive resistance

    Highly stable

    High thermal and chemical resistance

    High stiffness


    Water- & weather-resistant

    Humidity & fungi resistant

    Request your RENOLIT PLYGOR technical data sheet and free sample here:
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