PolyOlefin co-extrusion

PolyOlefin co-extrusion

The RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR 1500 PO is a new class of back sheet made by co-extrusion. Through this technique highly reflective and dimensionally stable PP alloy core layers are combined to a proven E-layer, by an innovative TPO binding layer.

No hydrolysis sensitive adhesives are used. The result is a reliable PP alloy foil with optimal sealing behavior with EVA or PO encapsulants. The process allows easy fine-tuning of the E-layer chemistry to achieve optimum sealing behavior with specific encapsulants. The entire PO composition is also designed to maximize recycling and minimize impact on the environment.

New materials, new processes, new opportunities

lamellar crystallization
Transmission Electronic Microscopy showing continuous lamellar crystallization at the interface between the modified PP and TPO binding layers.

PP alloy based foils are already widely established in the waterproofing membrane business. Their advantages are obvious: excellent durability, cost-efficiency and optimum resistance to abrasion, sunlight, heat and ponding water.

The problem to be solved however is the lack of reliable adhesion with encapsulant materials (EVA and POE).

Thanks to the use of new Thermoplastic PolyOlefins (TPO) binding materials and advanced co-extrusion processes, we are now able to offer new opportunities to the PV module market.