New designs

New designs & manufacturing possibilities

The backside of the RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR 1500 PO back sheet is based on PolyPropylene alloys, which lend themselves ideally for welding (figure 1) and additive manufacturing (3D printing). By using these techniques, the backside can be attached to and combined with reinforcing, mounting or integration elements. The same goes for the junction box (figure 2) and framing. In any case, welded joints are far more durable and waterproof than glued ones (figure 3).

Figure 1
Figure 1: Detail of welded sealant Polymer.
Figure 2
Figure 2: Junction Box (black) overmolded with sealant Polymer (gray), compatible with RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR.
Figure 3
Figure 3:
1. Tensile strength of > 240 kg. No adhesive failure with well selected polymers and RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR.
2. 6 Bar of overpressure (!) demonstrates leak tight sealing to component to RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR.