Extreme Endurance

Extreme Endurance - Not a coincidence

2-SUN tested equivalent to > 20 years of Florida Weathering

RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR formulations are extensively tested using a 2-SUN test method for roof membranes for accelerated ageing.

The “2-SUN” Atlas Weather-Ometer is a high irradiation (2.5 SUN at AM 1.5) full sun spectrum, high temperature (Black Standard Temp. 88ºC, PV cell at 80ºC, Test chamber at 45ºC), including a wet-dry moisture cycle accelerated ageing test, well known in the building industry and being one of the most stringent tests for outdoor materials. This test is way beyond the  IEC 61215 UV light exposure test standard for PV modules. 

12.000 hours of 2-SUN test is equivalent > 20 years of Florida conditions. Test specimen (see picture below) are composed of a 3.2 mm thick front sheet of solar glass, a first encapsulant, a cell and ribbon, a second encapsulant and finally RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR.  Results show a no cracking nor yellowing of the backsheet.

EVA encapsulant system "cracks" first

Different Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) encapsulants were tested. Some EVA types started after 10.000 hours to brown in the cell area (see below picture) indicating that the encapsulant system is starting to degrade under the 2 SUN conditions. 

RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR can be aged up to 21.000 hours and be still intact. Yet the cell and module, by then, due to degradation of the EVA encapsulant may no longer function. This however opens perspective for alternative encapsulant approaches, in combination with RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR for more extended durability.

12.000 hours of 2-SUN comparing different EVA types, using RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR as backsheet