Better warpage control

Better warpage control

The raw materials (PolyPropylene alloys) of the RENOLIT REFLEXOLAR 1500 PO back sheets are selected to minimize cooling forces after laminate production. The result is less warpage and less glass bending of the laminate.

This is very important to achieve bigger modules (72 cells or more), using thinner glass (weight reduction) and thicker back sheet (1500 VDC market).

Specific back sheet designs are possible (freedom of choice of raw materials and alloys) on request to further reduce shrinkage forces.

The figure below shows the elastic modulus of core PET and PP alloys based layers. Depending on the PP alloy, the E modulus can be reduced by a factor of 6 to 50.

Elastic Modulus versus temperature T
Elastic Modulus of PET and Specific PP formulations. Formulations can be selected to minimize shrinkage forces.