Press release 30 09 2019


    RENOLIT ROOFING specialises in manufacturing waterproof membranes for roofs and coverings. It draws on the vast technological know-how of the RENOLIT Group - a German multinational and one of the leading global manufacturers of plastic materials - to create unique and guaranteed products. These products, with their wide range of uses, have allowed the unit to successfully penetrate European countries as they now aspire to new overseas markets.  

    Sant Celoni, Barcelona, 30 September 2019 The RENOLIT Group's experienced technicians are committed to researching and developing solutions with high innovative content for various uses. Their expertise, combined with the roofing expertise of RENOLIT, a business unit of the German group, has led to the creation of a range of waterproof membranes for the roofing sector. A range that is unique, thanks to its versatility and potential for application in the most diverse settings.

    We are talking about revolutionary products like RENOLIT ALKORSMART, from the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN range, with Solar Shield technology, a special coating that protects the outer surface of the membrane from UV rays. A distinctive feature that allows for application and maximum energy yield in particularly warm and sunny areas, like the African regions, or Central and South America, and paves the way for entry into new overseas markets with the consequent potential to increase business.

    "Our strategy is to focus on where we are strong: we are producing membranes and offering systems, not only for roofing, but for the building sector in general. - says Frédéric Weemaels, Business Unit Manager of RENOLIT ROOFING - We can achieve these goals thanks to totally new technologies that respond to current demands for sustainability, such as RENOLIT ALKORSMART. This solution allows to reduce thickness, which is good for the weight of the structure, and to give more guarantee to the customer as well, especially in extreme climates."

    RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT is another top range that is in keeping with this logic of sustainability and energy saving. This new system for cool roofs holds the highest SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) value registered in the CRRC database. Meaning that this membrane reflects the sun's rays as much as possible and is effective in reducing the excessive heat inside buildings during the summer and, consequently, electrical loads caused by air conditioning. An effective solution against the “heat island” effect.

    Thanks to the know-how drawn from the other divisions, as well as a drive for innovation, thorough knowledge of the market, a certified production process and the pursuit of excellence in the R&D Department, this division is an authoritative benchmark for designers and operators throughout the construction industry.