Two Awards for RENOLIT

A corrosion resistant windbreak which allows daylight to pass while enabling draught-free ventilation. This new RENOLIT Group product which is attracting so much attention in the agricultural sector is RENOLIT ONDEX PERFOLUX. Straight after its market roll-out, the new windbreak system won two innovation prizes. At the September agricultural trade fair SPACE in the French town of Rennes, RENOLIT ONDEX PERFOLUX won a three-star prize, the highest category for this award. At the beginning of October, the product won a gold award at a trade fair Le Sommet de l’Évelage in Clermont Ferrand.

Matrixed Molecular Structure

What is the secret behind the success of RENOLIT ONDEX PERFOLUX? “Basically, it is the simple structure of the product and its versatility” says Philippe Hanser, Marketing Manager of the French Group subsidiary RENOLIT Ondex S.A.S. which manufactures and markets RENOLIT ONDEX PERFOLUX. The windbreak system is made from translucent and bi-axially stretched PVC sheets which have been tried and tested on the market for 40 years.

Hanser describes the manufacturing process as “By stretching the material in two directions, we create a matrix-like molecular structure”. The tensile strength and impact resistance of these sheets is five times higher than non-stretched PVC panels.

For the windbreak system, bi-axially stretched sheets are formed into trapezoid panels and 5-millimeter holes are punched. As a vertically mounted wall element, RENOLIT ONDEX PERFOLUX achieves a wind protection coefficient of 90 % according to RENOLIT Ondex S.A.S. laboratory tests. In addition, more than 60 % of natural daylight can pass through the panels and into stables.

Saving Energy and Avoiding Draughts

With RENOLIT ONDEX PERFOLUX, which was developed with the French Institute for livestock breeding, the farmer kills two birds with one stone: On one hand, stables are ventilated permanently and draught-free in line with progressive animal welfare and on the other, daylight eliminates the need for artificial lighting and this cuts energy consumption. Further reasons for the prizes awarded by the expert panels were that the windbreak system is extraordinarily robust and simple to install.

The Company

The RENOLIT Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of high-quality plastic films and associated products for technical applications. The independent, family-owned company has been setting standards for quality and innovation for over 65 years and presently employs around 4,500 people in more than 30 production plants and sales offices.

Image titles:

Motif PERFOLUX Total
As a vertically mounted wall element, RENOLIT ONDEX PERFOLUX achieves a wind protection coefficient of 90 %.

Motif PERFOLUX Detail
The 5-millimeter holes in RENOLIT ONDEX PERFOLUX ensure the draught-free ventilation of cowsheds and stables.

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