Hospital Wrapped in Film

The pharmacy building in the Worms hospital is resplendent in fresh curry-yellow. Following three weeks of intensive activity, the scaffolding was removed last Saturday. A donation from the family-owned company RENOLIT made the renovation possible. A new special film, RENOLIT REFACESK was used for the facades.

Friedrich Haas, the General Manager of the Worms hospital is impressed by the results: “The façade looks new again and makes a good impression on both patients and visitors. We are very grateful for RENOLIT’s support”. While RENOLIT paid for the 500 square meters of film for the façade and its installation, the Worms hospital financed the initial cleaning of the building and the scaffolding.

Supporting the Worms hospital went without saying for Michael Kundel, the CEO of RENOLIT SE: “We were looking for an opportunity of showing what our new product can do. So we first looked around our hometown. That we were also able to help the Worms hospital was the icing on the cake”. On Tuesday, Michael Kundel, the Lord Mayor of Worms, Michael Kissel, the General Managers of the Worms hospital and the General Manager of the Worms-based Quehl GmbH visited the freshly-renovated building to view the result.

Quehl GmbH performed the installation of the film. The regional market leader in the field of outdoor advertising enjoyed the whole project. “Working together with RENOLIT was totally unproblematic. And handling the façade film was easy” said Tim Cecil, the General Manager. Other projects are already in the pipeline and I am looking forward to working with this product”.

RENOLIT REFACESK allows a whole building to be clad with film, thus cutting the cost of renovation and cleaning. The cost of installing the PVC film is about half of a full renovation of the outside surfaces. This is because RENOLIT REFACESK can be bonded directly to the outer surfaces. Special adhesive technology avoids the formation of air bubbles. The film can also be wrapped around edges without problem. The structured surface of the film avoids annoying reflections and evens out slight surface unevenness.

The Company

The RENOLIT Group is an international leader in the manufacture of high-quality plastic films and related products for technical applications. This independent family-owned business, which has been setting benchmarks for quality and innovation for over 65 years, now employs a workforce of approximately 4,500 employees at more than 30 production sites and sales entities.

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The freshly renovated pharmacy building in the Worms hospital (Photo: RENOLIT).

Left to right.: Andreas Otteny, Friedrich Haas, Michael Kundel, Michael Kissel, Tim Cecil, Ekkehard Wulff (Photo: RENOLIT).

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