“Faux terrain” – Colourful Art Project with RENOLIT Films

RENOLIT SE is sponsoring the “faux terrain” exhibition from Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schuller at the exhibition room barcelona in Freiburg / Germany. The Vienna-based artists have hung plain-coloured PVC films behind the wide glass front of the bungalow. These filter the entering light and flood the simple interior with a sea of colours. When seen from the outside, the position of the films generate interesting interactions with the structure of the room.

The title of the exhibition, which is curated by Leon Hösl, also plays with space and perception: The term “faux terrain” dates back to late eighteen century Great Britain and describes a technique with which large-scale pictures are “extended” towards the observer with materials or stage props so that the observer has the feeling he is standing “in the middle” of the picture. Later, this technique was also used in studio photography to make portraits look more realistic against painted sceneries. “Faux terrain” therefore uses optical illusions to expand the boundaries of a picture. This is exactly what happens in the exhibition room barcelona when the colourful interior blends with the outside world which is viewed through the films just as if one was looking through a colour filter.

Apart from the modified pavilion, the film trilogy “Invasion” (2010), “Bloom” (2011) and “Tour” (2012) from Markus Hanakam and Roswitha Schuller will also be shown as part of the exhibition. The subject of the films is also perception and its influences. At the same time, the highly topical HD quality of the films complement the tradition of “faux terrain” – both formats are at the cutting edge of their times.

The request for RENOLIT films came from the artists themselves: RENOLIT caught the attention of Markus Hanakam at last year’s Monumenta in Paris. Back then, the French artist Daniel Buren used RENOLIT films for a monumental installation in the “Grand Palais”. Coloured films for tent windows in super clear quality were stretched over rings to form an interim level between the floor and the gigantic dome of the building. This gave the visitors below a sensational spatial impression.

Art projects such as the exhibition in Freiburg or even the Monumenta illustrate the diversity of RENOLIT films. In both projects, the artists found what they wanted among RENOLIT’s standard products. Custom-made products were not necessary.

The “faux terrain” exhibition is scheduled to run until April 6, 2013 and ends with the showing of the film “Tour”. The exhibition room barcelona is a one-year project from Kriz Olbricht and is open until September this year. For further information go to www.barcelona-projekt.blogspot.de

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