Premium vinyl film for the manufacture of stretch ceilings

    RENOLIT STRETCHED CEILING film is a decorative vinyl film specifically designed for the manufacture of interior ceilings. Whilst it is mostly used for flat suspended ceilings and light ceilings, it is suitable for more creative applications such as individually shaped ceilings, 3D light objects, walls or exhibition panels.


    The producer of top quality stretched ceilings (made-to-measure) needs a top quality film. Stretched ceiling films from RENOLIT are a stable and quality product and as a result it is ideal to cover large wall and ceiling surfaces. A perfect mirror effect is obtained with the Supermirror finish. Due to its flexibility, the material adapts perfectly to any shape or design following the previously installed parameter profile.

    To ensure the highest quality our stretch ceiling films are produced in Germany to a maximum width of 200 cm.
    RENOLIT CEILING film is available in three surface finishes - Supermirror, Satin and Matt. A standard range of 24 colours is available from stock. In addition, the material can be produced (conditions apply) in almost any colour or shade to accommodate individual projects.

    Designed for the production of acoustic ceiling and areas where hygiene is of special importance


    Quality & Safety

    • The standard fire retardancy level of our ceiling film is B-s1,d0 and B-s2, d0 (in acc. with DIN EN 14716)
    • Certified QM-System (in acc. with DIN EN 9001:2015)
    • Certified low water vapour permeability
    • Material has a level of impermeability against water damage



    • Containing minimum 20% of (pre-consumer) recycled film
    • Basic formulation free of phthalates
    • Certified low heavy metal migration (RoHS directive compliance)
    • 100% recyclable
    • Certified low emission, class A+

    Health & comfort

    • Micro-perforated membrane for acoustic ceilings
    • BioPruf treated film available


    • Countless design possibilities in terms of colours, shapes and structures
    • Available in various colours and surface finishes
    • High gloss surface with best mirror effect in the market


    The Stretch Ceiling Film Video



    The manufacture of a top quality stretch ceiling requires top quality vinyl film. Stretch ceiling film from RENOLIT provides a superb surface quality. Exact flatness guarantees smoothness and the quality and visual consistency of the film is ideal to cover large areas. A perfect mirror effect is obtained with a high gloss finish.

    To ensure the highest quality, our stretch ceiling films are produced to a maximum width of between 2000mm and 3000mm in our German facilities.


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    Preferred partners

    It is important that a leading producer of stretch ceilings films has good relationships with other important players in the market.

    For many years RENOLIT has been working with the following companies who are specialists in the manufacture of stretch ceilings and the processing of our films.

    By digitizing spaces


    RENOLIT SE as a distribution in the Stretched Ceiling Industry globally and the offer of the very best translucent diffusor films.

    We move light on walls and ceilings.

    Please find below a premium concept solution in which WAVECARE-CILING-LightnTec-RENOLIT partnered to create Ambient Lighting ​for Health and Wellbeing.

    We convert virtual to reality.

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