Signage or design, indoors or outdoors: Our coloured plastic films stand out with their high opacity and good colour consistency. They are best used whenever impressive results are required.

    RENOLIT SIGN films used on walls leave a unique impression. As wall tattoos, creativity and individuality know no boundaries.
    Their perfect lay-flat properties simplify the use of cutting plotters and makes our high-quality plastic films the premium product for self-adhesive applications.

    Product Variations


    up to 82.5” (La Porte 67”)


    2.4 mil to 4.0 mil

    Colour Variations

    Different colours available, colour matching service for customisation.


    Full range of flexibilities.


    Polymer, High Grade or Monomer.


    Some colours are available with IR reflecting pigments.


    A range from matte to high gloss and different special embossing possible.

    Product Properties

    • Good colour consistency
    • Customized colours, broad colour spectrum
    • Excellent colour retention
    • Perfect lay flat
    • Excellent process ability on coating and converting machines
    • High gloss level
    • Easy handling even on non-flat surfaces
    • Low shrinkage 

    RENOLIT Examples

    An Example out of the headquarters in Worms, Germany:

    The hallway walls towards the industrial hall is covered with RENOLIT SIGN elements to represent the RENOLIT values:
    Reliability, Open-minded, Innovative, Highly-valued, Cooperative.

    An Example out of the subsidiary in La Porte, USA:

    This beautiful wall graphic printed on RENOLIT SIGN covers a blanc white wall. Describing the calandering process next to it, it is definitely an eye-catcher in between the production hall.

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