RENOLIT STRATO-STOCK was developed especially for formworks applications.

    Our Product

    RENOLIT STRATO-STOCK is a wood plastic composite material with polypropylene and wood flour extruded in sheets. 

    The product is designed to cover a multi-layer plywood core of a panel. 

    The formworks panel

    RENOLIT STRATO-STOCK has a rigid surface, that gives a higher abrasion resistance and avoids splintering. It is acid and alkaline retardant and does not stick to the concrete when it is dry, thus facilitating striking and the afterwards cleaning operations on the jobsite.

    The formworks system

    Plywood panels, coated with RENOLIT STRATO-STOCK, provide a smooth premium concrete finishing even after many uses (up to 350*!) The product can be used as a loose sheet for vertical and horizontal formwork application or applied in formwork panels to increase their lifespan.


    High nailability

    High weatherability


    100% Recyclable

    Long life

    High abrasion resistance

    Good impact resistance

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