Geomembrane for tunnels and basement works with signal layer (twin colours)
    Non UV


    • Non-reinforced geomembrane, opaque, made of flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P), with thin yellow signal layer (PVC-P), designed for tunnels and basement works. This geomembrane is not suitable for permanent exposure to UV-radiation.
    • The use of a geomembrane with a thin «signal» layer of clear colour allows:
    - A better in lighting in the tunnel under construction by the reverberation of the artificial lights.
    - An easy visual detection of the damages caused to the geomembrane as well as during the installation and during the successive works. Indeed, if the geomembrane, locally, sustains a loss of thickness by mechanical, thermal or other aggression, the thin «signal» layer will be damaged, and will let appear the dark layer of the geomembrane.


    • Manufactured in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified plant
    • Mechanical properties in accordance with EN 13491
    • CE marking
    • Geomembrane with thin yellow signal layer (twin colours)
    • Hardly combustible (B2 - ÖN B 3800/1, B2 - DIN 4102, IV.2 - SIA 280, class E – EN ISO 11925)
    • Resistant to swelling, rotting and ageing
    • Very high level of water tightness, even with permanent deformation
    • High capacity for adaptation to irregularities or deformation of support due to its high deformability and welding strength
    • High resistance to puncturing
    • Root resistance in accordance with EN14416
    • Not resistant to bitumen, oil and tar


    • Hot air or hot wedge welding achieves correct assembly of the geomembrane. The weld ability and the quality of the welding done on site can be influenced by atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity of the air) and also by the state of surface of the geomembrane (clean and dry) and must be adapted in consequence.
    • An anti-puncturing geotextile or a composite (protective membrane with laminated fleece) should be placed onto the support of the waterproofing.
    • In case the geomembrane will be covered with sand, gravel or concrete a geotextile or a protection membrane of non reinforced PVC-P RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 35020 (protection against dynamic puncturing) should be placed in between.
    • The geomembrane can be used on a bituminous support after the insertion of a suitable separation layer.