RENOLIT stretch ceiling films transform ceilings into a playground of light, colour and textures. Customers can choose their personal colour scheme from a broad spectrum of colours and shades. A slightly translucent version provides additional light effects.

    • Light transmission and light reflection according to EN 410:2011
    • Spectrometer: Lambda 950
    • Fire retandance level: B-s2, d0. Verision B-s1, d0 is available on request.

    Philips Health Systems. New light therapy device to help reducing delirium in Intensive Care Units

    The Stretch Ceiling Film Video



    The manufacture of a top quality stretch ceiling requires top quality vinyl film. Stretch ceiling film from RENOLIT provides a superb surface quality. Exact flatness guarantees smoothness and the quality and visual consistency of the film is ideal to cover large areas. A perfect mirror effect is obtained with a high gloss finish.

    To ensure the highest quality, our stretch ceiling films are produced to a maximum width of between 2000mm and 3000mm in our German facilities.


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    Jan-Willem Meeuwsen

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