Urine and drainage bags

    RENOLIT Protect offers a reliable PVC film for urine bag manufacture.

    One of the most important aspects is the collapsibility of a flexible bag, making air vents unnecesary.

    Urine bags and drainage device films are formulated for easy fabrication by radio frequency welding.

    Other benefits include weight, volume reduction and high transparency. Today the decisive factors in applications are quality, reliability and cost. RENOLIT Protect sets the standard in all aspects.

    Generic Information

    • Calander Soft film PVC
    • Suitable welding
    • Suitable impression
    • Opaque and translucent
    • Different hardness, thickness and emboss surface
    • Skin friendly


    Throughout its history, RENOLIT Protect has proven its commitment to quality.

    RENOLIT Protect guarantees that its production is performed to the highest quality standards.

    Certified management system: quality, environment and health.

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • BS OHSAS
    • REACH compliant 1907/2006 European

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    Verónica Mateo

    Verónica Mateo

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